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Is there documentation for the "Risk parameters set by the Trader" screen in R|Trader?



I’m looking to set my own risk parameters (more conservative than those set by admin) but don’t know how to choose/set the auto liquidate settings.

Any documentation for this would be appreciated.



Hello @trader.murthy and welcome to Optimus Community. Could you please tell us specifically, what risk parameters you want to control that your current situation does not allow. We would be glad to assist and inquire with Rithmic what they allow the end user to control as opposed to FCM.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures


Hi Matt,

The “Risk Parameters set by the Trader” tab in R|Trader allows the end user to set auto liquidate thresholds that are separate from those set by the admin. But these are not documented anywhere that I can see, so I don’t know what the settings mean.

All the following are end-user settings, but not clear how to use them:

  • “Auto Liquidate Threshold”

  • Auto Liquidate Max Min Account Balance

Other settings are somewhat more self-explanatatory, e.g. “Auto Liquidate at HH:mm:ss”

What I really need is a way to set a personal loss limit as a percentage of loss limit set by admin. So e.g. if the loss limit set by the admin is $1,000, the end user might want to auto liquidate at 50% of it (or $500).



Unfortunately we rushed this feature through a little more quickly than usual without paying enough attention to the design of the user interface used to set its parameters. We also underestimated the popularity of this feature with traders.

The Auto Liquidate Threshold refers to the value to be used when checking if an auto-liquidate event has occurred. For example, if the Auto-liquidate criteria is Minimum Account Balance and the threshold is 1000, then when the account’s balance drops below 1000 the account will be auto-liquidated by our system.

Auto Liquidate Max Min Account Balance is used when the auto-liquidate threshold is configured to trail. If a value for Auto Liquidate Max Min Account Balance is present and the auto-liquidate criteria is Limited Trailing Minimum Account Balance then the value used by our system will stop trailing once it has reached the Auto Liquidate Threshold.


Thank you for the follow up and the detailed response. You’re right - the options are very useful AND complicated! I’m not sure I even understand the last paragraph correctly, but thankfully I don’t need that right now…

For my simple example above, I think I have the answer: set “Auto Liquidate Crteria” to “Loss Limit” and the Threshold to the $$$ value of the personal loss limit you want to use. Not as convenient as having a percentage of the threshold set by the admin (as I was hoping), but will do the job.