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Is there notifications or alerts for when the market is going to close or open?


I was wondering if it is possible to create an alert on CTS T4 that would allow me to receive a notification for the opening and close of the specific markets I trade. I’ve currently been trading the ES and the NQ so I guess I would need to configure something for the CME exchange.

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Yes for CME products there is a timer you can enable that will let you know when the market is going to change to open, close, pre open etc.

  1. To enable you’ll need to go to your main properties by left clicking the Cog Wheel found along the CTS ribbon.

  2. Once in your main properties you will need to click on the plus next to windows then select contract.

Once there enable mode countdown. If you click in the value area you can set the amount of seconds to notify you when the market will change, so if you set the timer to 84000 seconds it will countdown the entire day on your ladder or chart. The timer will be color coded to let you know what state the market will change to.

In the picture below, the color of the timer is yellow, indicating the market will enter “pre open” in 3:30:15. Red would be closed and green would indicate open.

With a bit of user configuration, you’ll be able to create a notification timer for exactly what you’re looking for.

We hope you found this helpful, thanks for your question.
Optimus Futures Support


I was wondering how alerts were handled on this platform.

Thanks for the tips!