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Is this normal for the Rithmic R-Pro Test System?

I finally got around to testing the Rithmic API / Rithmic R Trader Pro. The price updates I am seeing seem incorrect to me. I am not sure if this is by design because it’s the Test server, due to me using an older version (10.4.00) or something else. But here are the issues I see.

  1. The NQ September 21 contract is showing a gap in the Bid / Ask of > 100 points. See the enclosed pic from the DOM.

  2. The ES is showing the price at the wrong range, and it is not updating from what I see on the DOM. It basically hasn’t moved up or down in the last hour.

Check out the enclosed pictures to see what I am referring to. If this is by design because it’s just a test server, that’s fine, but if this is something else, any advice would be useful.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Iantg,

Thank you for your question and post to the community forum.

Have you noticed any other discrepancies with data while testing the software? Or did this only occur once?

You mention using an older version, I would highly suggest updating your software to receive the latest updates and optimal performance. In your screenshots you only show the future strategies window, have you tried accessing the same data throughout the rest of the platform (charts/DOM)? You also mentioned a DOM in your post, but I cannot see any DOM In your screenshots.

I would suggest trying to access these same contracts on other areas throughout the platform or using your same login on another platform that uses RIthmic and see if you see the same data discrepancies.

The gap between your bid/ask price seems larger than it should be, but I cannot tell if it’s because the type of account you are using, the feature you are accessing this from, or something else entirely.

Any additional feedback would help!
Optimus Futures Support

Hi Jake,

Thanks for helping me with this query. I am seeing this issue consistently. Right now, this is what is showing up on the DOM for the CME / ES September futures contract.

And there is still a huge gap in the NQ. For example this is the best ask and best bid on the DOM.

It’s still showing a huge gap like before:

Under File > Check for Updates, when I run this I get the message, No updates found.

I am also observing the same issue / data from the Rithmic API when I run it from a console app via visual studio. So I don’t think the issue is limited to R-Trader Pro. This seems more likely to be related to the servers that my account is using to fetch data. For reference, this is what I am using:

oParams.DmnSrvrAddr = “”;
oParams.DomainName = “rithmic_uat_dmz_domain”;
oParams.LicSrvrAddr = “”;
oParams.LocBrokAddr = “”;
oParams.LoggerAddr = “”;

I have looked into other exchanges, and CBOT > YM (Mini Dow) seems to be more in line with what I would expect.

My working theory is that this issue may be limited to just the CME on the Rithmic - Test Orangeburg version using my server connection settings. This could be a version specific issue, or something else. This version is probably around 2 years old. So perhaps I just need to request a newer version.

If no one else is reporting an issue with the test servers, it could just be an issue because I am on an old server or something like that.

Thanks in advance for any insights you may have.


HI @Iantg

Thanks for your patience while waiting for a response.

This is personally a bit outside of our scope and I cannot personally determine why you are encountering such issues and gaps with your data.

I do suspect it could be because you are using an outdated version of the test server, but it’s impossible for me to say.

I am going to forward this post to the Rityhmic API team and see if they can add some input here. I will update this post once we have a response from their team!

Optimus Futures

Thanks Jake!

I appreciate it.


Hi Jake, it’s been a couple of weeks. I just wanted to touch base and see if you have heard back from the Rithmic team yet?

If not, I may reach out to them directly.



Hi @lantg,

Thanks for your patience on this. We reached out to Rithmic previously and this is what their response was:

"Our test environment is connected to the test environments of the exchanges. The market data in these environments reflects order activity in these environments, not live market data."

I hope this provides you with insight as to why you are encountering the issues you are, but for further API questions, you may want to consider working with Rithmic’s API team directly.

Optimus Futures Support