Is Volume Profiling is the same as Market Profile?

I see these two terms interchangeable, are they the same?
from what I know: These two are not the same. One uses TPOs or Time at price, and the other uses volume at price. Volume profiling is, in my opinion superior and requires more complicated coding to compute. You create volume distributions so you can see where people have placed their orders and where business has been done. These areas will be significant when reached again.
Are my observations correct?

Hi Joe,

Your observations are correct. I use Volume profiling exactly as you describe. Although, I do like to see the TPO chart just for the heck of it. It’s my opinion that most people use Volume profiling thou so you are better off studying that although once you understand one you understand both.

I agree with both of your posts. Vol. Profiling has past Market Profiling, in popularity, of those that have been introduced to both. With traders I have worked with however we have uncovered a weakness of profiling. While it an excellent way to understand market structure and help create a healthy bias, it’s not as helpful in executing that bias. You still need to qualify any area with the use of “where longs or short might be stuck,” when it arrives to a profile level.