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iSystems execution process and operation


Your support chat said that you could provide information on this community board about iSystem automated services. I am considering the iSystems services, but have a few questions and concerns about the operation of the automated systems. First, how does the allocation of the contracts work, is that done by the back office of the FCM? Also, do I have the ability to see all the system operate in a live P&L setting? Please provide as much details as possible.
Thank you


Hi @eMicro, and welcome to the Optimus Community.

It seems that you have a background with back office and manage futures since you are familiar with futures trading allocations. However, in the case of iSystems the trade go directly into your account.

Second, all trades show live P&L. Once you become a customer of Optimus Futures, the iSystems logins allow you to see each system’s profit and loss.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures


Thank you for your prompt reply. I am trying to understand the “direct to the account” approach because block accounts do require allocations.
Also, when I see the live P&L, does it chart it as well?
Thank you for taking the time to nswer these questions.


You are welcome. The iSystems solution is one that is cloud-based and as such when the execution occurs it is directly in your account. The Profit and Loss shown are live numerical, and there are no charts that track the P&L in a live format. The charts, however, are updated with the P&L after the trades have been completed for the day.

Again, I think you are used to traditional CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor) allocations, and to be honest when I became familiar with iSystems, I had the same questions. However, it is an advanced way of allocation while the whole system is automated in the cloud.

Since you are used to CTA way of allocation, please allow me to add a few more details. Since the execution is direct to the account, iSystems shows the worst and best fill so you can compare where you stand. Also, along with the P&L shown, you can stop and start the systems any time you wish.

Please let us know if you have any further questions about iSystems.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

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