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Journalytix/CQG Integration from Jigsaw

Hello Guys,

I am trying to access Jigsaw Journalytix to track my trades.

I reactivated my login with AMP as this is needed to connect Journalytix to my account. However, I need you to activate private label Jigsaw for this second account (according to the instructions for activating Journalytix). Please let me know when this is done so I can connect Journalytix and proceed.


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Hello @eleven48,

Thank you for reaching out!

By default, all AMP customers are automatically enabled for Jigsaw.

I am under the impression that you need to login to the Jigsaw Membership portal with your Jigsaw credentials and then navigate to the Journalytix portion of the portal. If you aren’t familiar with their portal, you can get there by heading over to:

Once you’ve clicked on the Journalytix portion of the portal, you should be brought to this page:

By default, the Journal should automatically pull in data from the Jigsaw Daytradr platform and record it into the journal. All you need to do is simple connect to your live data on the platform and everything should then be reflected into the journal. If you are unfamiliar with the process of connecting to your live data feed on the actual platform, please refer to the following video:

In the meantime, we have already reaching out to Jigsaw support for additional assistance for this matter. If anything else needs to be done to configure Jigsaw and Journalytix, we will update this thread with the correct steps.

Thanks for your question and stay tuned for an update!
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