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Jurik Moving Average


I have been using this script to manually trade on Tradingview but I would like to get it created for MultiCharts .NET64 Special Edition Version 12.0 Release . Anyone know how I can have this done?

Here is the script on Tradingview:


Hello @Brian_Sinclair thank you for your question. As far as know Mr. Jurik creates his own indicators and it could be potentially bought directly from his site (?).

We also have another solution for execution: we can provide you a free Multicharts .NET with CQG execution, so you can view your indicator on TradingView and execute on MultiCharts.
Would this help?

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures
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Thank you for the reply. Will I be able to use the method you speak of for automation or will it still be a manual?


You are welcome.

Hello John,

A moving average is not a system per se, so we would assume you should use discretion for your risk management and targets. If there are other variables to this method we are not aware of then maybe you can. Mostly you need the three components for automation: Entry, Targets and Risk Management. All inputs have to be programmed. in the case of MultiCharts .NET, it has to be written in C#

Matt Z
Optimus Futures