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Large lots on the ES Futures Contract


I am interested in larger lots sizes that occur on the ES futures contract. How do I set the Order Flow on ES to show only large orders of over 1000? Is that possible to set it by size? Also, is there a sound alert or just a visual one.


Hi FlowonFlow,

To view precise and specific liquidity within Bookmap is very straightforward. In the Studies configuration (microscope icon tool),click on Heatmap, then check the box and input 1000 for Exact Size, under Lower Cut-Off%. See attached image, where I’ve inputted 300. This means only liquidity of 300 or greater at specific price levels will display. Play around with the settings or the slider as well to get the desired output. This will focus your order flow studies to precise liquidity.

Bookmap Specialist


@Bruce_Bookmap Thank you for your answer. The Brokers at Optimus brought your software to my attention when I was looking for software on order flow. Please forgive me for the novice question, but these large lots represent orders that were executed as far as i understand, correct? Is there a way to determine whether these large lots where on the buy side or sell side?


If the liquidity is above the price (current or historical), then these are sell limit orders being displayed. If it’s below price, then these are buy limit orders. Bookmap is displaying the contract liquidity at that price level, so there can be several orders there. Most times the areas of high liquidity display the orders of large players.

If the volumes dots (along with Best Bid/Offer) transact into those areas of high liquidity, then there were executions. However, the liquidity above and below price is just a recording of the auction. It is not transacted liquidity. You may consider coming to our daily webinar and I can answer your questions in the live market. To register, go the and scroll down, you’ll a section to register.

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This explanation helps tremendously. Thank you!