Latency Problems in Optimus Flow?

Anyone else encountering latency problems with certain symbols? I am encountering with MCL and MYM (currently at approximately 600000ms), to where it impedes order execution.

@Mod-JakeM Do you know any fixes for this issue?

Thanks very much.

Hi @leftpoint,

Thanks for your question and welcome back to the community!

Would you mind letting us know your general physical location?

The reason I ask is because we often notice the biggest culprit for latency issues is the physical distance between you and the server. We typically notice this for users overseas or who are located far from Chicago.

Latency is essentially the time it takes for a data packet to travel from one point to another. In the case of your current solution, how fast data is traveling between your machine and the data/execution server.

General tips to improve your latency:

  1. Always run a hard-wired connection if possible. Avoid using a wifi connection if you can.

  2. Try to limit how many programs are running on your computer. Other platforms and data feeds running on your computer can consume your bandwidth and potentially cause latency while trading. Even something as simply as one additional person watching Netfix on your internet connection could increase latency.

  3. Make sure you are fully shutting down your computer each day. Do not just close the lid, fully shut it down or restart it each morning before you launch your platform.

  4. Considering faster internet speeds. This may not be a realistic option for every user, but faster internet speeds could potentially lower latency and lag.

A few other general tips are to consider a VPS located in Chicago. You could also consider trying a different data feed with more than one gateway. Some data feeds such as Rithmic, have multiple gateways around the US and overseas.

Let us know if any of these tips help with improvement.
Optimus Futures Support

Thanks for the suggestions, @Mod-JakeM. I will spend some more time going through the list and troubleshooting. In looking more at the symbol info, it seems that I am encountering significant latency coming from XCBT and XNYM. No problem thus far with XCME. I am in Western US.

Thanks again.

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