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Learning How to Trade Futures | Why Chasing Perfection is a Costly Mistake

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This article on Learning How to Trade Futures is the opinion of Optimus Futures For anyone learning how to trade futures, not settling for anything less than perfection sounds very appealing. The quest for the ultimate trading system, the hunt for the perfect trade management solution, the search for the flawless broker, the need for consistent winners – these are all healthy objectives that will keep a trader on their toes, always pushing to be better. However, take it a little too far and you are perhaps flirting more with danger and detriment than anything else. Let us explain why.…


Great post guys,
The quote “perfection is an enemy of growth and profitability” comes to mind.
Stable and not over curve-fitted strategy has a better chance of long term survival over
“near” perfect, curve-fitted, and unrealistic smooth equity curve etc…

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