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Let's say I have 2 laptops and I want to connect both at the same time using CQG, is this possible?


As my title states, I have recently just gotten a second more powerful laptop that I plan to start trading with. I plan on using this as my stay at home laptop and I will take my existing one on the road with me when I leave the house or travel.

I usually leave my old laptop on all the time during with my Sierra Chart + CQG connected & open during market hours, but I noticed that when I try and connect on my new laptop the old one automatically disconnects…

So is it possible to connect both platforms to my live trading account at the same time on CQG?

Hello @Woga,

By default, the answer is no. You cannot login and connect to the same CQG trading account simultaneously. This is a capability of some of the data feeds that we offer, but CQG will automatically disconnect you from an existing session if you attempt to login and connect on a new one.

That being said, you do have the ability to purchase an additional login for your additional CQG account. If you purchase an additional login, you have the ability to login with the same trading account without the risk of being kicked off due to a concurrent session. Please keep in mind that you will be required to pay for exchange access on both accounts and also be subjected to pay for data on both logins.

If you are interested in getting your CQG Trading account configured for an additional login, don’t hesitate to reach out and we will gladly accommodate you!

Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug: