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Let's Talk Futures Trading Hardware-Sierrachart

Good discussion going on here. I’m putting a new build together at the moment about to go into production.
My daily setup is running 2x instances.
1x trading with 5 chartbooks, each has 7 charts. Only ever 10 charts displaying at a time.
1x global view market monitor. About 13 charts showing.

I have open GL turned on and make sure to only load the minimum required days with optimised ms loading on charts. Low on ladders, high on daily bar charts etc.

Where I am looking out an upgrade in order is

  1. Fastest possible time and sales updating.
  2. Lowest latency ladders.
  3. Faster chart loading.
  4. Faster initial load.

While 4 is not that important, 1 and 2 are extremely important.
I have found best performance for 1 and 2 was minimising no. Of chartbooks open. I think I have a medium to Conservative amount.

As I’m currently running an i7 7700k hyper threaded on standard ssds, I feel that the 4(8 virtual) cores are not enough as I reach about 70% to 80% cpu on market open. If I throw another 2 or 4 chartbooks in there, I max out and glitch.
So new system plan is

Cpu I9 10980xe
Ram 64gb 3600
2x2tb nvme ssd
Psu 1000w
GPU - NOT SURE. Thinking of recycling my gtm 1070ti 8gb. Or I could upgrade to the PNY4000 Cuda core.
So my question is, does anyone use a PNY for Sierra charts/ trading?

My monitor setup is
1x 55" samsung 4K UHD TV
2x 32" samsung 4h UHD
1X samsung 42" Wide-screen

So, which GPU would people think of using?
Many thanks. Great discussion above.

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Hi @Tim_Duggan,

Thank you for your contribution and welcome to the Optimus community forum.

In regards to upgrading your current PC and finding a suitable GPU for trading/Sierra Charts, the current problem is availability.

Graphics cards are extremely difficult to find right now. The ones you can find are usually being re-sold by scalpers at a premium price.

If you can find one, I would suggest trying to purchase one of the newer GeForce RTX 30 Series Graphics Card. I was personally able to find a 3070 at retail price and the performance has been great. I am able to run Sierra Charts across multiple monitors with multiple chartbooks and have no performance issues at all.

With the current state of the GPU market and the current prices, it may be worth waiting a few months until the new RTX 30 Series “Ti” versions drop. They have already announced them and typically prices of other cards drop when their new iterations release.

I personally think your 1070ti is good enough to handle Sierra Charts in the meantime until you are able to purchase a new card. A new card would undoubtedly make things better, but with the current state of the GPU market and the ridiculous pricing, I would wait to see what you can get your hands on in the near future once new cards are released. I personally would not jump the gun until then, your current GPU is not bad by any means.

I hope my .02 helps your decision-making!
Optimus Futures

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