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Limit Orders Confirmation Pop Up - iBroker Mobile Gain (OEC) Trader


Is it possible to engage pop up confirmations for limit orders on the new charts in the OEC trader mobile app?
I tried to place several orders on a chart and without the confirmation prompt it sometimes gets confusing because of the small real estate of the mobile phones as one could send too many, or a wrong price order. Of course once the limit order gets sent one can adjust it but it creates the need for an additional step.

I’m only able to find the checkbox to confirm only Market orders placed from the chart. (See below)

Is there an option to confirm all orders including limit orders from the mobile charts?
Thanks a lot.

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I understand how this could potentially be frustrating, but I cannot seem to find any setting for order confirmations other than the setting that you showed in your screenshot.

Fortunately, there are two windows you must go through before an actual limit or stop order can be placed. First, you are required to tap on one of the two order buttons on the DOM/Chart, then you must actually configure your volume and stop or limit price. I believe this has been done to prevent accidental orders from being placed.

I would suggest to always double check your order window before placing a limit/stop order to avoid any accidents.

Thanks for your question and I hope you found this helpful!
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@Mod-JakeM ,
Yes, I found it helpful and yes I guess there are these 2 provisions you mentioned which are preventing from
accidentally sending of orders via the OEC mobile app while using the app’s regular order tab.

However, it seems that once the new chart is open, I can DOUBLE TAP on the chart and it generates a pop up screen where I could select an order type after which there is no confirmation and the limit and stop orders will fire up without confirmation on the chart.

One Solution: I think I could just place a “further away” LIMIT or STOP and then drag the order to my desired LIMIT/STOP price.

Also, I guess you are right that, one should start with adjusting the desired position size from ORDER DEFAULTS settings tab and then those would be the defaults for the chart generated orders.

Thanks for the input.

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Although I don’t think it should be required, I think that’s a nice alternative solution that you mentioned in order reach your desired LIMIT/STOP price without a confirmation screen popup.

Thanks for the insight, it’s always nice to get input from our traders and the platforms that they use.

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