Linux Based Trading Platforms

Which one of your trading platforms is Linux based?
I only seek execution, so a simple would be fine as well.

Hello onlyLNX,

Thank you for your inquiry!

Unfortunately, we do not have any Linux specific platforms at this time. However, if you are a programmer, it would be possible to use the C++ R | API to develop a trading system on Linux.

Most platforms do require Windows, but an alternative would be to use something like VirtualBox to run an instance of Windows on your Linux Desktop so that you can use one of our supported platforms.

I did use a number of APIs in the past, but gee tired of adding features so I am looking at a platform that has most features that I need as a trader. The VirtualBox looks good, and I intend to demo Sierra on it.
This maybe the platform that I am looking for.

SierraChart on Debian/Wine setup works just fine in 2019.

For algos I recommend Rithmic R|API (C++) specially if you need a good execution ie. your trade frequency is higher. In certain cases you can achieve below < 250 us (micro seconds) tick-to-trade execution times. I personally haven’t done this but it reads on their web site. I has been at 10 ms.

What I understand these below 1 ms execution times are based on the method where the risk control has been done before the signal ie. your order is already pre-processed and waiting for your final command for execution.

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