List of futures spreads

Hi there,

Does anyone know if Rithmic has a list of all spreads they have available for trading per exchange?
In Rtrader Pro, we can search symbols but I have no idea where to start. for example, if I want to see Crude Oil spreads, I have no idea which symbol is used for the spreads, since when I search CL, all I get are spreads from Eurex market.

If there was a list somewhere it would facilitate a lot.

Thank you

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Hi @Rufus_Kremlin,

Welcome to the Optimus Futures community forum and thanks for your question.

Rithmic has a built-in database of symbols accessible directly from their platform. To access this list of symbols, open the order book and double-click the Symbol.Exchange box as shown below:

It will open the following window:

You can essentially search for any symbol you are interested in using the search bar at the top of this window. If you are specifically looking to only display spreads, change the “Futures” link to “Futures strategies”.

As you can see by searching for the CL and setting the search criteria to “Futures strategies” you will find all associated spreads related to CL as shown below:

I hope this helps!
Optimus Futures Support