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LMAX Data Feed Plus SierraChart Platform


[SUB]Hello Guys,

We wanted to inform you that LMAX and SierraChart are now connected together.
No Monthly fees from LMAX for:[/SUB]

  • [SUB]Market Depth is 20 levels deep[/SUB]
  • [SUB]FIX Connectivity [/SUB]
  • [SUB]Server Side OCO and Bracket Orders [/SUB]
  • [SUB]Long Term Order Fill History (6 Months) [/SUB]
  • [SUB]Ultralow Latency Market Data[/SUB]
  • [SUB]Server Hardware Provided By UltraFX VP[/SUB]

[/SUB]Please call us 561-367-8686 or email us at if you have any questions and/or wish to get hooked up to LMAX data.