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London Metals Exchange Access


Hi all,

Hoping someone here can answer my question. I see that the London metals exchange is listed on the website.

Could someone please tell me how to gain access to LME trading? - For example, which clearing firm, data feeds & platforms are offered for this.

Also are precious metals included or is it just base metals?



Hello @goldtrader
Yes, we do offer the LME through ADM clearing. They provide LME through the CQG data feed.
Any platform that is CQG based could provide such access.
LME does provide access to precious metals. You can find the information here:

Optimus Trading Support


Thanks for answering my question Matt.

Is MT5 offered? I know it’s not necessarily CQG based however one of your other clearing firms (AMP Clearing) does offer MT5 using a CQG data feed.

Ideally i’m looking for LME via MT5, would this be possible?



HI George,

At this point, it is not possible because ADMIS does not offer MT5. At this time, only AMP offers MT5.
Is there a specific reason you want to trade Gold Futures on LME as oppose to the CME gold contract?


Hi Matt,

It’s not that i’d like to trade Gold futures on LME as opposed to CME. It’s rather that i’d like to be able to trade both and have access to greater liquidity.

It’s a shame about MT5, perhaps ADMIS can consider this in the future.


If you look at the volume on the LME gold contract you will see that the volume is very low as compared to the CME

The volume differences and open interest are significant.