Long-term futures data

Hi fellows,

Could you recommend me data vendors who offer quality long-term futures and cash data?

@kimito2 we can recommend a source, however, we just want to know whether you are looking to do this over a certain trading software. The reason we are asking is that the data we have in mind may not work on your software.

You are more than welcome to provide additional information that is important to you as a futures trader.

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I need to make backtests in Excel.

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There are a number of ways you can go about this. We are a going to give you a number of options and we hope some would apply to you.

You can use Sierrachart with its own data, and they have integration with Excel spreadsheets. Also, R Trader has integration with Excel as well, using their own Rithmic data.

Lastly, two other options that you may consider are IQ Feed that sells real-time data CSI data. TO get cheaper data from the exchnages, you need to have a funded brokerage account, in the event you want to use IQ Feed. CSI provides end of day data.

We hope this helps. Let us know if you have additional questions.

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