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Looking for specific market symbols for MT5


Hi there,

I recently joined Optimus Futures and will be executing my trades on the Meta Trader 5 platform. Can someone please help identify relevant market symbols for me that I can pull up to trade on MT5?

I am looking for symbols for the following markets:

  1. Crude oil
  2. S&P 500 Emini Futures
  3. Euro Futures
  4. Gold futures
  5. 10-year Treasury note Futures.

Thanks a lot,


Thank you @MT5F for your MT5 question. Here are the symbols:
Crude oil CLE
S&P 500 Emini Futures EP
Euro Currency Futures EU6
Gold Futures GCE
10-year Treasury note Future TYA

For example, Emini SP for Sep would be EPU8
It seems that for most of the Futures you mentioned, Sep (U) is the liquid month. In Gold use October (V).

Optimus Futures Support