managing order with Multicharts platform

Hello Matt,

I have some question about managing contract end exit strategies, for example:

If I buy 2 or more contract (more of one )with one order in the same time, Rithmic don’t permit me to sell with profit target or any other exit strategy an partial number of contracts in a second time after that total order is filled in the market.

I’m sure that is not multicharts problem because I can do this with other broker, I can change the quantity filled after that the order is in the market and to do partial execution normally or to do every exit strategy directly on the market.

You can’t managing quantity filled and quantity left in the market whith demo Rithmic, only total execution.

I would ask explain about this maybe I’m missing something or I’m doing some error.

Please let me know


Emanuele Meloni

Hello Emanuele,

Thank you for your forum post!

It is possible to do multiple tiers for both Profit Targets and Stop Losses. This is done through configuring the ‘Exit Strategies.’ We have made a video to illustrate how to do this for you to view:


hello Michael,

I was trying to do that directly on the chart but without master strategy tool Multicharts don’t take my change…

Thank you