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Market by Order Support


Rithmic API supports market by order (MBO) for CME. But is there also support for EUREX? If not, is there an ETA for such support?



@PTrader Thank you for the question. Just a little explanation for those who do not know what is Market by Order (MBO) is. It is Market by Order (MBO) describes an order-based data feed that provides the ability to view individual queue position, the full depth of book and the size of individual orders at each price level.

New Queue Position Tracking on CME Direct gives customers the ability to view their exact queue positions for all markets, directly on their trade blotter. ISVs who adopt MBO will also be able to offer this functionality to their clients.

As far as we know its the Eurex that does not release such data, therefore the routing orders cannot display such data,

However, we placed a call to Eurex and Rithmic to get more data on this and whether it is contrary to what we know.

Thank you for your patience.

Matt Z