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Market data trade history (time and sales) TO Excel on R Trader Pro (Rithmic)

Hi optimus team, i just sort out how to display the TS on an excel sheet, however the feed has a lot of lagging and does not display the datas instantly, maybe i missed something on the setup, if anyone could help…
Thanks in advance

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Hi @zak84,

Thanks for your question and for posting an image of what you encountered!

If needed, we can escalate this to Rithmic. It could be possible that you are having some sort of compatibility issue between R Trader Pro and Excel if you are experiencing any sort of delay. Something to consider as well is the Gateway you are connecting to on R Trader’s login screen.

You will want to use the Gateway closest to your physical location to receive the best ping and latency. If you are encountering poor connection, this could drastically affect time and sales.

Do you have live updates enabled in the bottom right?

Please let us know.
Optimus Futures Support

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