Market replay software for futures

I am looking for a free market replay feature on a platform that would be (preferably) free of charge. The recording of data is very important to me so I can see whether my method would have applied to certain market conditions and different markets. Lastly, I do not want this as a plugin, rather as a fully capable futures trading software that allows execution on it.

Hello @Yak20,

Consider these two platforms for market replay that we provide for free:

  1. Multicharts
  2. OEC Trader

I have attached the links above in case you wish to conduct a demo.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

I already have Multicharts, but I thought there could be another tool that I can compare it to. Once I compare between the two, I may come back with some more questions. BTW, what data feeds do you connect to MC? DTN IQ?

Yes, we do provide DTN IQ data but you would need an additional set of data feed in order to execute your trades. Muticharts accepts CQG, Rithmic, and OEC (Gain Capital) data.