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minimum Hardware requirements for advanced charting


What are the minimum Hardware requirements for advanced Charting and trading platforms like Sierra Chart//Market Delta/MultiCharts?


The platforms defer in their CPU and memory usage and you can see them here:
Sierra: Software Download - Sierra Chart
MarketDelta: Minimum PC Requirements – How Can We Help?
MultiCharts: Tech Specs

Remember that those are minimum requirements and the performance depends on what you do with your charting platform. The more charts you open and the more studies you use on those charts the stronger system you will need for reasonable performance. Some studies are heavier than others especially if they analyze data on a tick by tick basis. Our experience is that a Dual Core processor with 3GHz base frequency and 8GB RAM should be enough for a light-medium load usage. Of course, the stronger system you have the faster your charts will load and respond. An SSD drive is often recommended but not mandatory.

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