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MNQH2 data issues with Optimus Flow


Last Friday (February 25th) I was looking at your Optimus Flow platform.

At around 10 am CST (11 am EST or 16 pm GMT), I saw data issues in the 5 minute chart for the MNQH2 futures contract.

The data in the 5 minutes chart does not match what I see in the 1 minute chart. See “optimus_flow_2.png” attached.

I compared your service with Tradovate and there are no issues with Tradovate. See “tradovate_2.png” attached.

I also compared with Interactive Brokers and I see no data issues.

In both screenshots that I am attaching you can see on the left the 5 minutes chart and on the right the 1 minute chart.

The red circles are for the same time period on the 5 minutes versus the 1 minute chart.

What can help explain this data issue ? Is it an issue with Rithmic ?

I restarted your platform but the problem persists.

I am using the default configuration of your platform. I have not made any adjustments to how data is collected.

Looking for your feedback.

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Hello @wwwmbox,

Thank you for your question, I believe we already discussed this over email.

If you encounter an issue with data on your charts using Optimus Flow, the first thing I suggest to do is right click your chart > RELOAD HISTORY (SERVER)

It sounds like this one MNQH2 chart slightly disconnected at some point causing your data to lag behind. Using the method above completely resets your chart’s data and pulls in the latest data from Rithmic’s server resolving any missing data.

I hope this fixed your issue.
Optimus Futures Support

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