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Mobile Alerts for Futures Traders



Starting from scratch here. TT is the likely platform i will use. i trade currency futures, …these can be long, … slow trades (…it really is a 23hr market)
i need mobile alerts, …texts, sent to me to keep me abreast of the market.
i will probably not trade much from mobile, …only to receive price alerts. the price alerts will be moving average targets.
…very simple stuff here. once i get an alert i move to the desktop and work on the trade.

so…does TT make sense as a platform? …can i get moving average price alerts sent to me by text?



Hi @floyd,

Thanks for joining the Optimus Community.

I believe TT would be a great platform for you. Alerts can be created and configured from either the desktop or your mobile device. Once you create an alert, you have the option for the alerts to be sent directly to your mobile phone as well by enabling the Send notifications to TT Mobile option.

Please be aware that you won’t receive these alerts as an actual “text message”, but they will be received as App notifications. Either way, TT Mobile will keep you on top of the alerts you have created straight to your phone.

As for moving average price alerts, this can be potentially created through an algo. This may take some work on your end to configure, but by default, TT offers a vast list of conditions that alerts are triggered based on. Some notable mentions are price levels, order types, filled orders, order status, positions, P&L and much more. Feel free to take a look at the screenshot below for some of the configurable conditions alerts can be set to on TT:


I hope you found this helpful. Let us know if you have further questions,
Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug: