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Modify Orders on the Chart - iBroker Mobile (Gain (OEC) Trader)


While using the mobile trading app from OEC Trader, and using the new charts on the app:

Q: is it possible to modify the contract size on the existing orders from the chart (see below)?

I tried to modify it but it seems that the only 2 modifications I can come up with is either;

  • cancel the order by pressing the X Mark or,

  • dragging the orders up and down the price chart.
    Thank you.

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Unfortunately, this appears to be a limitation of the Gain iBroker mobile application.

I’ve attempted the process myself and it appears that the only modification options available through a chart are order cancellation and dragging orders as you stated.

If you need to modify the contract size of an order, I would suggest going through the Orders tab on the app’s homepage.

I hope you found this helpful, thanks for your question!
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Thanks @Mod-JakeM, I tried it as well and it seems to be the only solution.
Otherwise, I really like the OEC Trader iBroker mobile app and its simple but powerful functionality.

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I agree, both platforms are great and I love the seamless interconnectivity between both!

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