MOO and MOC Positions Closing

I utilize market on open and market on close techniques in my futures swing strategy. How much slippage could I expect during such executions?

@BowJoe Thank you for the questions. Although I like to give straight answers, these questions have many variables. First, it depends on the futures contract that you are trading, because some are more liquid than others. Second, the day of the trade makes a big difference as well because some days could be more volatile than others. in essence, no one could tell you for sure what slippage you can expect on any given day, only quote you past stats. Lastly, you are NOT guaranteed a fill on MC orders if you trade many lots and the number of contracts is thin on the bid/ask.

My recommendation is to exit before the market closes. We have platforms that would allow you time the exit specifically to make sure you are out of the market.

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