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MT5 Performance and Analytics


Thought this might be useful for other MT5 users - particularly those trading futures like myself.

This website (nothing to sell - all free) has an MT5 plug in that allows you to backtest with ability to play forward , buy/sell/trailing stops. This is something I have been looking for without having to have to learn a new trading platform.

Hope this helps.

Mods - apologies in advance if this has broken any forum rules.


@jubael_haque Thank you again for your contribution. Typically we have to be really careful with the links on our site, but this site does have good features of creating a performance report. We always encourage analytics for a trader to view his trading objectively.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures

PS. I just had to edit the topic to reflet what this software provides.


Thanks @Mod-MattZ. I did do as much investigation as I could to ensure it was a trustworthy source. Glad you came to the same conclusion.


I respect the site’s offering, but I would be cautious about the ads running. While the site is free, the ads help cover its expenses and generate revenue. There is nothing wrong with this model, but you have to be careful what you are exposed to. This is just a general statement.

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