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Is there any way to display only the regular trading session on mt5? In other words - to hide the over night activity on charts.



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Hi @jubael_haque,

Thanks for your question!

As you may know, traders have the ability to customize and change the timeframes they are working with within a chart by right-clicking a chart, scrolling down to timeframe, and selecting from the available options.

That being said and to answer your question regarding hiding overnight activity on charts, I personally cannot seem to find a way to configure this. I’ve browsed through other trading forums and just about every setting on MT5 to see if I can find some way to configure this, but I can’t seem to find anything!

I would like to mention that there are a ton of indicators available through the MQL5 codebase, there may be an indicator that has already been created for this exact problem. You could potentially hire a freelance coder through the MQL5 site as well if the issue is crucial to your method. You can open the MQL5 site through MT5 by navigating to Help > MQL5 Website.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to search for a solution for you! If you end up finding an answer before I do, feel free to mention it in the comments. I’m sure there are other traders out there who are looking for a similar feature on MT5.

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Hi @Mod-JakeM

Thanks for the reply and I will keep an eye out if I find anything!

Hope we find a solution to this as I can see this to be very valuable for the futures markets where the RTH price action is very tradeable without the distraction of the extended hours!

Thanks again,