Multichart.NET PowerLanguage coding question.


I’m new to this platform and language. I would need help to make a simple indicator. I have read manuals, but I can’t figure how to achieve what I want, though I think it should not be complex.

I need an indicator which draw two horizontal lines: one for the máximun price reached between two hours choosed (i.e between 00 AM and 04 AM). While the market is inside the interval, the máximun and minimun lines of the interval should move to the new min or max as it happens. When the market reaches the limit hour, those lines has to be fixed during the rest of the session, not moving anymore.

Could anyone help?


Matt asked me if I could provide some help with your request and the attached file should do what you have in mind or at least give you a good start to modify it according to your needs. The indicator is within the Zip file as the forum doesn’t allow the pln file type to be uploaded directly.

In case you need additional help you can reach us best via our website



That’s exactly what I needed.