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MultiCharts (.Net) Starter Edition (Free MultiCharts Edition)


MultiCharts .NET Starter Edition was designed for small cap traders to ease the burden of buying expensive software when starting out. Enjoy all features of regular MultiCharts .NET and use up to two symbols at a time absolutely free. Analyze charts, create powerful C# strategies and place live trades—start your trading career with professional software at no cost.

This section contains information on currently available versions of MultiCharts .NET Starter Edition.

Please note that MultiCharts .NET Starter Edition can be installed on the same machine as regular MultiCharts or MultiCharts .NET. However, these programs are completely independent - they have separate modules and processes. The QuoteManager module is also separate from the regular MultiCharts, databases are not compatible between the programs, and symbol lists will not be automatically shared.

To Download the 32 bit;

To Download the 64 bit;

To Get a Rithmic data feed for one month to experience the features and capabilities of MultiCharts (.Net) Starter Edition (Free MultiCharts Edition): Multicharts, faster execution over Rithmic data feed, Easy language compatibl