MultiCharts Order Execution and OCO

Thank you very much for your answer. I didn’t answer before because I’m on hollydays.

I have some more questions. And I suppose that as I advance in my project, it will arrive more.

By the moment, I have two main questions.

  • Is it possible to send and OCO group? Made of 3 orders: entry, stop loss and target, so that the target and stops are only sent if entry is executed, and once sent, if one (target or stops executes the other cancels? Is it possible to send that king of orders or have to be controlled separatedly by programming?

  • I need to do two things, once the order is sent to the market: if is it not executed at the end of the bar, has to be cancelled. If is executed and neither the stop nor the target have been fullfilled, I want to move the stop. How I detect the bar has ended and a new has begun? I mean: as I understand, the calculate bar function executed each tick. How can I identify thar the current bar has ended and a new one has started, in order to cancel orders not executed or move the stop?

Thank you again