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MultipleBracket Orders?

I want to trade multiples of 2 lots and want to place bracket orders with 1 SL and 2 TPs.
I read your earlier posting from April, 20 stating that multibrackets would be a “coming very soon” feature.
How do I access that feature? I am running the newest version of Optimus but couldn’t find any multibracket option.

Hi Rudolf,

Thanks for your question. In the current iteration of Optimus Flow, the multiple bracket order feature is only available using the CQG datafeed.

I can see based on your picture that you are using Rithmic. Using Rithmic, there is a slight workaround to place multiple bracket/OCO orders using our Multiple Order Entry feature. We have a video on how to use that here:

We can always re-configure your data feed to CQG if you do not like the alternative of using the Multiple Order entry feature.

I hope this helps!
Optimus Futures