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New build indicator problems

New build has added another parameter to the indicator values: Calculation type. It seems to default to By Period which resulted in some illogical values for RSI. Switching to All Available Data seems to fix it, or at least gives a much better representation.


Hi @Sven,

Thank you for your feedback and for bringing this to our attention.

We will run this by our developers for additional input.

Optimus Futures Support

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I noticed it switched to By Period again this morning when I logged on. Fortunately with RSI it’s very easy to see that something is screwed up but it is concerning. What if this occurs with a less obvious indicator?

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As @Mod-JakeM mentioned, we will bring it to our developers’ attention and take the necessary steps to fix ANY bug you find. However, we can not deal with hypothetical scenarios. We can only try and fix things that are reported. Our team and the developers are responsive and take each case seriously.

Thank you for your alertness, and help our community.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

After I posted this, I noticed the same problem with ADX. Both of these indicators are in subwindows which may be of importance to the developers. On the main chart, different indicators were either set to By Period or All Available Data. I had not checked those on the main chart previously so I don’t know if they had kept the original setting after the new parameter was added.

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