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New To R Trader Platform with a few beginner's questions


I’m new to the R Trader platform hence have a few questions:

  1. How do I change the time intervals on the Quote Board, to an specific selection of let’s say 1m, 5M, 10m or anything higher? Right now, I can’t tell what is it.

  2. If I execute an order in Excel, can I get an alert or something that it was filled in Excel? My concern is how will Excel know not to execute an already-filled order again if volatility strikes fairly fast?

  3. Can I add more worksheets to the R Trader excel file I create through “Create Live Streaming Spreadsheet”? if so, if there’s a size it should not surpass for performance purposes, let’s say not higher than 50 megabytes.

  4. What is the difference between “Create Live Streaming Spreadsheet” and "Create Live Streaming Spreadsheet (Linkable Mode)?

Might have more questions but thanks for giving me a hand with these!




Hi Jose, We will answer all these questions shortly, but we kindly ask that in the future we ask that each question will be a separate post. For now, we will take care of it. Thank you again for posting your questions here.