New version TPO bugs

Thanks for the programmers for making the globex and rth on the same chart, but there seem to be bugs in the new update:

  1. the volume bars encompass 4-5 ticks
  2. It seems like the profiles are combined and not separated when two custom time frames are put in. (one for globex and one for rth)
  3. upon a refresh of the data with a single custom session for rth, the profile is not correct. It is separated into one small profile (one TPO) with the wrong data. The other profile has the correct date, but doesn’t show TPO’s correctly.

I really can’t tell what is going on with it, but there are some issues with it that need to be addressed. The custom sessions are not working correctly.

It would be great to have a radio button which simply separates globex from rth on the same chart instead of custom time frames.



Hi @schoolie,

Thanks for joining the Optimus Futures community forum and thanks for bringing these to our attention.

We need to review these features and bring your concerns to the attention of our developers. I will speak with them so we can discuss how to change these features and improve on them.

I do not have an exact answer for you at this time as to what can be done on your end to fix this, since we do need to review this on our end as well. But we will address these issues and see whether or not these changes were intended by our developers, our whether or not their is an underlying bug.

Either way, I do agree with you and think there needs to be an easy we to easily separate the sessions using an easy and intuitve toggle.

Thanks for your patience and we’ll follow up as soon as we have an answer for you!
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thanks jake, it looks like the B period is left out when you choose a custom sessions from 8:30AM Central time. Sometimes It creates another profile with just A and B TPO’s. The bug doesn’t seem consistent.


I’ve noticed this as well. I am having trouble consistently finding this bug.

I think what you’ve provided is descriptive enough for our development team, but if needed, we will follow up for more feedback and clarification!

For future reference, if you do catch any sort of bug, I encourage you to take a screenshot! Windows 10 has a built in and free screenshot feature called Snipping Tool thats really easy to use and good for capturing specific areas on your computer screen. You can easily find it by searching in your Windows search bar.

Visualization is key when it comes to solving bugs like these.

Thanks for your help and feedback!
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sure thing. I hope this helps

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looks like the data is now correct after the market closes. My custom session ended at 400PM central

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Thank you for your persistence with this. There is clearly something a bit buggy with the new updates released for custom sessions.

We are still awaiting word back from our developers, but we have shown them this thread and they are aware of everything you’ve presented so far!

Thank you for your help!
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