Nov 14th to Nov 16th 2016 Last Trading Days and First Notice

**Monday, Nov 14th is the Last Trading Day for ALL the Nov Grains (Soybeans, mini-Soybeans, Rice & Canola).**The Nov Grains stop trading at 12pm CST on Monday.

**Tuesday, Nov 15th is the Last Trading Day for the Nov Lumber.**The Nov Lumber stops trading at 12:05pm CST on Tues.

**Tues, Nov 15th is also the Last Trading Day for the Dec London White Sugar (LDN Sugar #5).**We again ask that you do not wait until the last minute to exit this market as well.

**Wed, Nov 16th is the First Notice Day for the Dec ICE Cocoa in NY.**Anyone LONG the Dec ICE Cocoa that morning will be at risk of taking delivery. To avoid this risk, please roll or liquidate your Dec ICE Cocoa LONG positions by the close of business on Tues, Nov 15th

Thank you,
Optimus Futures, LLC