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OEC Mobile Vol Histogram


Is it possible to add/view the Vol Histogram on the OEC Mobile app, whether on a chart or anywhere else?
Maybe iWeb version?
It would be helpful to monitor it while on the go.


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Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a volume histogram on the iBroker Mobile or Web version.

There is, however, a volume column within the DOM on iBroker web, but not the mobile version. This is the closest feature that resembles the volume histogram found in the desktop version of Gain Trader.


The iBroker mobile and web versions don’t have all of the same features that the downloadable version of Gain Trader provides, but they do provide great alternatives for trade on the go.

Thanks for your question,
Optimus Futures Support


Well, I am again back to using their OEC Excel DDE functionality in adition to the desktop version to track the Vol profile/histogram in real time.
Thanks Jake, I know how detailed you are and thought that maybe I missed it.
Now I know for sure :slight_smile:.

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