On exchange traded futures spreads... Is that possible in the CQG Qtrader through Optimus? If yes, is that exchange margin on those as well?

Looking to get into futures spreads with CQG Q Trader. Thoughts?

Hello @cakir93172,

Yes! Exchange traded Futures options and spreads are available on CQG Q Trader! Exchange margins are supported as well.

There are a vast number of features pertaining to options that are included in Q Trader. In the screenshot below, we have the options board displayed along with the Snap Quote window which provides a ton of information including the underlying price, intrerest rate, theoretical values, strike price, and so much more.

Let us know if you have any further questions on options & spread trading on CQG Q Trader!
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You can watch, chart, trade any and all exchange spreads

For synthetic spreads, you can watch and line chart (intraday charts only for 3 months) but cannot trade
Synthetic spreads (these are like NQ vs ES or one calendar vs another calendar etc)



Thank you very much for your contribution! I believe @cakir93172 will find your response very insightful.