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Optimus Flow Chart Template

Is there a way to save a chart setup as a template so that every time i create a new chart window it has all the same indicators and overlays as the one i setup. I need this to setup my multi screen and also because i accidentally closed out my chart window and now have to start over.

Hello @saltymate

Thanks for your question and welcome to the community forum!

Yes, we have exactly that feature!

  1. Add indicators/drawing tools to your chart

  1. Once you have your chart configured the way you like, left-click the “Menu button” in the top left corner of the chart window and click on the Save as Template option

  1. Enter a custom a Template Name and “Short” which is the abbreviation you will see the icon as and then click Save.


  1. Left click the Optimus Flow logo in the top left corner of the platform

  2. You will find your newly saved chart template here in a new section called Templates. You can favorite your template so it appears at the top of your platform as well by clicking on the “star” icon.

You can create a template for virtually every feature on this platform. Whether it be a bind, group, DOM, chart, you name it and customize it, you can create a template.

You may have also noticed the Set as Default feature. This simply saves aesthetic customization such as fonts or color schemes to every new panel that you made those customizations to moving forward.

I hope this helps!
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