Optimus Futures Special for MultiCharts

This is a special from Optimus Futures towards those who buy the life time license of MultiCharts Power-language Edition only

  • $5,000 funded accounts we will provide a $50 coupon for the life time license
  • $10,000 accounts we will provide $100 coupon for the life time license
  • $15,000 we will provide $200 coupon for the life time license
  • $25,000 we will provide $500 coupon for the life time license

We offer the .Net Version of MultiCharts free of charge.

Please email us at general AT optimusfutures.com

Thank you,
Optimus Trading Group
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Is this for the .Net or the easylanguage version?

This is for both. MC uses a Powerlanguage which is compatible with easy language.

Thanks! Yes, I do know that, just forget at times. What data feed do you use and do you have monthly fee for it?

We prefer the Rithmic data feed, and there is no charge on top of the transactional routing fee.

Matt, do you think that MC DOM is an easy one to trade with? I used to have the AT DOM and it was very good.
if it is easier, I can PM you or drop you an email.

I don’t mind answering it here, but you must get specific as far as what you need from the DOM.
Maybe MC has it or not, but I need to know your requirements.

I am just looking for an overview of the DOM. The visual look and feel of it.
Would you happen to know if it has cumulative market depth?

This is an overview of the depth of market.


Video #23-31 and video 34 on this channel get very specific as well.


Hi samoption,

you can enable cumulative depth if you want to see it. The DOM will then display the summation of all available levels like you can see on the attached screenshot.