Order Execution Strategy for Automated Breakout Trade


Multicharts is phenomenal for automated trading. The issue I have run into is that Multicharts doesn’t have the capability to place breakout orders in automation mode. Tradestation does have the capability to do so, however I am running into tremendous issues with the software crashing every time I run the program. My developer has worked out the bugs and simplified the strategy several times but there seems to be a data capacity issue. I prefer Multichart data feeds over Tradestation’s also. Is there a feature on multicharts that I am unaware of to place these breakout orders in automation or is there an efficient way that I could leverage the best of both worlds by using an API or other strategy to allow the orders to execute properly.



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Hello @Kfurtado25,

Welcome to the Optimus Futures community! Thank you for sharing your concerns with us regarding the platform. We understand that you are currently experiencing some issues, and we would like to offer some advice.

Our recommendation is to write directly to the API, using the platform solely as a monitoring tool for your execution. Although it may require some effort to change the programming language, we believe that this solution can effectively resolve your problems.

By writing directly to the API, you can have complete control over the execution process, which can help eliminate any unnecessary delays or issues that might arise from using the platform as a primary execution tool. In addition, this approach can provide you with more flexibility and customization options to tailor your execution process to your specific needs.

We understand that switching to a new programming language may not be an easy task, but we believe that it’s a worthwhile investment in the long-term success of your trading strategy.

We will contact you via email to help you get started with the API directly.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures