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Order Flows are referenced to Futures markets, but are they also available for and helpful towards intraday trading of options?

I’ve recently incorporated order flow as well as volume profile into my futures day trading strategy. They’ve helped me visually analyze the markets and i’ve found these types of indicators/charts extremely helpful overall.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I’ve also been dabbling into options trading a bit. I was curious how order flow is handled with options trading? Is it available? If so, do you think I would also find this helpful?

Looking forward to your team’s response!

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Hi @Cxdy glad you found our forum and asked this question! We are asked quite often about the use of Options trading along with order flow basics. I think it would be hard to apply the knowledge of order flow to very specific strike prices in Options.

The options markets has many strike prices and and it would be challenging to tie the price action in order flow to a very specific strike price.

Options in their nature are a volatility and direction play and time decay factor, while order flow is mainly order flow.

I hope this help.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

Hi Matt,

Ty for the help.

I am still a newbie and was not exactly sure. Figured id ask the experts to steer me in the right direction :sunglasses:


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