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Order history import to Edgewonk

Hi @Mod-JakeM,

I tried to follow the walkthrough to upload trade data to Edgewonk and Edgewonk wants the data in a certain format.

For instance, one trade on one line with entry and exit. I just have the individual order history of filled orders.

Are you familiar with this at all or have a topic about it?


@Mod-MattZ @Mod-JakeM

Just bumping this.

Hi @Ben_M,

I personally have no hands-on experience with EdgeWonk journaling, not enough to answer this question without seeing any further information.

If you’d like to provide a screenshot of the issue you are facing or show me the format they require that would help me assist you.

Optimus Futures Support

Thanks @Mod-JakeM!

I’ll send it this weekend.

Have a good one!