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Order keep on getting Rejected

I’m trying out the Demo and am logged in to the Demo account. Order keep on getting rejected. Picture attached. Sometimes they go through and but then a Moment later they don’t. image

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Hello @bastian-weinhold,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the Optimus Futures community forum.

Unfortunately, Rithmic does not enable Micro Futures on their generic 14-day trial. This has nothing to do with the platform and Optimus Flow, but the products that are granted permission on the Rithmic data feed demo. You should still be able to receive data and chart these products, but they are not enabled for trading.

With a live Rithmic account or a non-expiring paper trading account that is created upon request for funded users with Rithmic credentials, you would be able to trade Micro futures with no issues on Optimus Flow.

You are more than welcome to trade other popular futures contracts, such as the ES or NQ. In the meantime, we’ll talk to Rithmic and request Micros to be enabled on their data demo, but as of now this is a bit out of our control.

Thanks for your understanding,
Optimus Futures Support


Should I just assume that any that is rejected is not up for the trial in the paper trading/demo account? I’m getting the same rejections for most all ZW contracts also.


Hi @Miya

That is correct.

Not all symbols, products, and exchanges are enabled on the Rithmic Paper Trading demos. I do not believe ZW - Wheat is enabled.

I can confirm with a live account can trade this as long as you are subscribed to CBOT exchange data.

Thanks for double-checking!
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