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Order/Trade History Not Showing All Trades

Orders and trade history are not showing yesterday’s trades for me (I had 2 trades yesterday, 2/15) – they show Monday’s trades, but not yesterday. Is this a known issue?


Hi @ggjunker,

Thanks for your patience while waiting for a response - I know we discussed this directly via email.

As I mentioned to you over email, we believe this issue can be attributed to a few different factors.

  1. Trades have been placed on a different platform than Optimus FLow.

  2. The original trades tab on your screen needed to be replaced after going live.

In the event this happens, I would suggest to open R Trader Pro and check your trades there. Regardless of the platform the trade was initiated off of, R TRader Pro will show it if it reached the exchange level.

Thank you for your post,
Optimus Futures Support