Osaka Exchange Futures Contracts by CQG

Our clearing partner AMP clearing and Futures has added via the CQG routing these Osaka exchange based Futures contracts:

Contract Name Symbol Exchange Day Trading Margin
Mini-Nikkei 225 MJNK Osaka-Japan (JPX) $500
Nikkei 225 (Osaka) JNK Osaka-Japan (JPX) $5,000
TOPIX JTPX Osaka-Japan (JPX) $1,400
Mini TOPIX JMT Osaka-Japan (JPX) $140
JPX-Nikkei Index 400 J400 Osaka-Japan (JPX) $250
OSE Tokyo 10-Year (BIG) JGB Osaka-Japan (JPX) $2,600

These contracts could be traded over these platforms: Sierrachart, MT5, CQGM, Market Delta Cloud, Trading View and Multicharts.

Thank you,
Optimus Futures