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P/L Trading Journal or Log of Performance on Single and Bracket Trades

Is there a running trading journal of how each trade or set of bracket trades performed regarding P/L. My “Trades” widget is not showing anything under the Gross P/L nor Net P/L … Any overall performance analysis as to length of trades, at times of day, average draw down… things of that sort


Hello @Miya,

There are several locations throughout the platform that monitors trade performance. There is not a specific section for bracket orders, our platform simply breaks down each position and order individually and provides performance statistics based on each leg of your bracket order separately.

In regards to P/L on a demo account, these statistics aren’t always tracked accurately through demos, but I can confirm that with a live account these fields will populate. You can check your overall open profit/loss and closed profit/loss within the Account Info field:

I would also suggest using the Trades window to monitor these statistics as well! I am running a demo account as well at the time I took this screenshot, so those fields are not populating for me either:

If you weren’t aware. you can actually filter and display all previous trades you’ve made on your account through the Trades window as well by opening Trades window > once open click on the “hour glass” filter symbol as shown in the image below > set your date and time in the window that opens:

Once you have previous trades filtered, you can even export them to Excel if you’d like using the menu button in the top left and choosing the Export Data option!

I hope you find this helpful,
Optimus Futures :optimus_logo_no_backroug:


So that will display after I’m live… It wasn’t showing in the Demo, so I wasn’t sure if it was part of the data or not. Thanks.

What about trade analysis… like average draw down, time held, time of day traded? Information to review your actual performance and factors that might be helpful in improving your trading. P/L is the most important, but the platform will have all the data to make these kinds of analysis of our accounts.

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Correct, I believe these fields are not populating because the Rithmic paper trading (demo) server does not fully populate these fields.

In regards to trade analysis, there are several additional fields that can be added and customized by right-clicking within the trade windows columns as shown below:

Although our platform does not have all of the exact fields you are looking for, we recommend our users looking to track such detailed trade analysis and performance to use a dedicated trading journal such as Edgewonk.

Our platform essentially absorbs whatever information the Rithmic data feed provides. We need to speak with our developers as well as RIthmic, but if Rithmic does happen to provide such information as average draw down and time held this is something we can look into adding to Optimus Flow as well.

We appreciate your questions and the feedback you have given us so far. You have provided us with quality questions and great recommended features that I think we should look into adding!

Thanks for your time and I hope you find this helpful,
Optimus Futures :optimus_logo_no_backroug:


After going live end of this week, I noticed that the P/L and Fee related columns still don’t populate with data, but I think Jake is checking it our for me. Thanks!



Thanks for your feedback!

I have logged into the platform over the weekend and connected to Rithmic and I’m unable to find any trade history. I know that I placed at least 7 trades this week. I tried to filter by date but no luck.
any ideas?

@Mod-JakeM is awesome and on top of everything, he’s been such a help. I know he’s looking into this.

He also recommended EdgeWonk for a better look at performance with journal entries and personal notes.

@Mod-MattZ said there may be a direct integration with them soon!