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PC vs Mac for Trading

Although one doesn’t necessarily want to purchase a whole new computer just to trade, what are the advantages of using a PC vs a Mac as far trading platform support? Does using a PC allow you to utilize more cost efficient trading platforms that can help make up for the costs of purchasing a PC in the long run? Are there any other advantages (besides trading platform compatibility) of using a PC to trade vs a Mac?

Hello @Kadwan,

Thanks for your question!

At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference. In this day and age there are virtually no limitations to which operating system you decide to use. Even if you decided to go with a MAC there are programs such as Boot Camp that allow you to install a full functioning copy of windows onto your Apple Device.

That being said, there seem to be a lot more platforms that are natively supported on Windows rather than Mac/IOS devices. As far as cost efficiency, in my opinion, this also comes down to personal preference and your style of trading. Although most platforms are comprised of the same core features, many platforms offer advanced indicators, drawing tools, coding capabilities and much more. When it comes to platforms that are natively supported on Mac, you definitely limit yourself to the features you have available to you. This doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with the platforms that are supported on Mac, you just won’t have the same variety that you would on a Windows PC.

If you are looking to cut cost, I would actually suggest sticking with a Window’s PC either way. Although IOS devices and Macs are arguably more reliable, they tend to be a bit pricier due to the brand name. You can likely build your own PC or buy a pre-built PC that will outperform most Mac computers and laptops for a cheaper price. Again, this is all my personal opinion and at the end of the day it comes down to what you enjoy and will find yourself using for the long haul.

If you are looking to purchase a computer catered towards trading and something that will leave you with a wider variety of choices in terms of platforms, I suggest a Windows computer. If you enjoy the seamless inter-connectivity, reliability, and “social aspect” that Apple brings to the table and don’t mind a slimmer selection of platform choices, I suggest MAC.

Let me know what your thoughts on this are! Computers aren’t exactly cheap and there are a lot of variables to consider before purchasing/building one, so I applaud you for doing research before jumping into anything. Basically all of the platforms that we offer here at Optimus Futures are natively supported on Windows.

I’ve comprised a list of platforms that can either be accessed through the web or natively downloaded on Apple devices below, feel free to take a look at your options if you decide to go this route:
Optimus Trader - Web
Optimus News - Web
iBroker - Web
CQG Desktop - Web
TT - Web
CTS T4 “web trader” - Web
OAK Web - Web
MotiveWave – Native Mac
Investor RT – Native Mac
QST – Native Mac
TradeStation - Native Mac

Here is a list of our entire platform page if you’d like to take a look:

Let us know if you have further questions or comments on this topic!
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Thank you, Jake. This is very helpful. As a current Mac user, it seems as if it’s not really worth it to switch to a PC since most of what I’d want to do can be done on my Mac. Thanks again.